Original Cine at The london Film Festival for @Candidmagazine


Grandma is a tale of a dislocated family coming together, with the eponymous elder brought to crotchety and cantankerous life by an on-form Lily Tomlin. Tomlin plays Elle Reid, a straight-talking, weed-smoking poet, academic and feminist...


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Despite being set over a hundred years ago, Suffragette is a timely film, with the message that when the most vulnerable in society are continually belittled and ignored by those with privilege and power, something has to give...


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Frederick Wiseman’s fascination with institutions and social structure continues with his latest, a documentary about the Queens neighbourhood of Jackson Heights...


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Men And chicken

For the first half hour of Anders Thomas Jensen’s Men and Chicken, I was relaxing into the idea that what we had on our hands was Step Brothers Danish-style...


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eIff for candid

Original Cine hit the Scottish capital to cover the Edinburgh International Film Festival for Candid Magazine. Read my daily reviews of the best of the fest...

day one: MelbourneDiary of a Teenage girl & the first film

Princes Street and the Castle are drenched in sunshine when I emerge from Edinburgh Waverley, but there’s no time to admire as I rush to the less iconic setting of Cineworld to watch Iranian writer-director Nima Javidi’s debut, Melbourne ...


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day two: The Wolfpack, tu dors nicole & nearby sky

I decided to scrap yesterday’s studied chronology because of a film that absolutely blew my mind. Crystal Moselle’s documentary, The Wolfpack tells the story of the Angulo family ...


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day three: 100 yen love, love and mercy & dope

Watched in the darkness of the EIFF Videotheque, my first film of the festival’s penultimate day is Masaharu Take’s 100 Yen Love, the story of a lost girl who finds herself through boxing ...


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day four: the chambermaid lynnliza, the fox-fairy & scrapbook


My final day at EIFF and though my eyes are fried and my brain packed with a thousand images, I check out The Chambermaid Lynn. It’s a stylish film by writer/director Ingo Haeb ...


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